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Small acts make a big difference

Small acts make a big difference

We are thrilled to announce that we have raised over $150,000 to support local artists during these troubling times, through the Performer Support Fund.

In supporting this initiative, over 1000 music-lovers have come together to say that local artists are valued. To say that their music, passion and dedication is appreciated. To say that live music is essential, and we will be back together in concert halls soon.

Thanks to our community’s generosity, we have been able to provide crucial financial support to 347 local artists, across 78 cancelled events from March to August.

This June our programming team received a 46% increase from 2019 in applications from local artists to perform at the Centre in 2021. This is a great indication of the optimism and strength of the sector at a time when we need good ideas and creative minds more than ever.

This increased interest also supports the need for continued support of local artists moving forward, which our Performer Support Fund is enabled to do thanks to the kindness of our music-loving community.

Our goal is to continue to support our artists in this way throughout the Centre’s closure. We are also creating new employment opportunities for artists as we take a range of our Learning and Access programs online, and, looking ahead, we will continue to support local artists through programming once the Centre reopens.

We are grateful to all our donors for their generosity during these difficult and uncertain times - it means the world to our artists and your gift won't be forgotten. We are also grateful to all our wonderful artists that took part in the campaign.

Here you can hear what Tamara Kuldin, Blair Harris and Benjamin Dix had to say, both through words and music, on how small acts make a big difference at this time:

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