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At the heart of the music: In memory of Glen Price Jones

At the heart of the music: In memory of Glen Price Jones

Glen Price Jones leaves behind a legacy of bringing the joy of music to everyone in his life. His daughter, Jennifer, describes his huge heart and caring nature and his grandson, Lachlan, describes him as an entertaining showman who always led from the front. Glen’s wife Nancy finds it hard to describe his love of music in just a few words but agrees that ‘sharing the music’ is a fitting slogan

Glen Jones

Glen and Nancy raised their four children in Yea, northeast of Melbourne, moving there when Glen became Principal of Yea High School in 1971. School music programs had lapsed so Glen championed their re-establishment, beginning with producing annual school musicals such as Gilbert & Sullivan’s Trial by Jury. Happily, the musicals continued for many years beyond Glen’s involvement.

Glen also worked with the local Arts Council to bring theatrical and musical events to the town.

During this time, the family would often travel from Yea to Melbourne to see concerts of the great artists and famous touring musicals. Highlights were, sitting right at the front of the Melbourne Town Hall watching Leonard Bernstein conducting and seeing musicals such as Pippin, Jesus Christ Superstar, Godspell and A Chorus Line.

Any travel overseas by Glen would always result in a traditional instrument being brought home as a souvenir. With a fond laugh, Glen’s children can name them all - pan flute, bells, drums, and other percussion instruments.

In 1980 Glen was appointed Principal of Alexandra Secondary College. His passion to ensure that kids had access to music continued and on a broader scale, he worked with teachers throughout the Northeast Region to establish music programs in schools. At Alexandra Secondary College he was determined to get a fulltime music teacher and classroom music program going and through a series of serendipitous events, it was his daughter Kristin who was appointed, having only just graduated! Kristin remembers the buzz and incredible energy at the school because of the new music program, especially surrounding the school musicals which also involved the teaching staff.

Glen’s son, Michael, remembers there was always a sense of fun to Glen’s music life and that he had a broad range of musical tastes – from more up-beat fun pieces, to classical, jazz, Chinese, bush and folk music. As a child Glen learnt the violin and later, driven by his love of a variety of genres, he taught himself to play both the clarinet (so that he could play with a jazz group) and the guitar so that he could accompany family sing-alongs.

Family members all have CDs with handwritten recommendations on what to listen to—guidelines and introductions to musical listening from their Dad.

Glen’s second son Ian has enduring memories of music at family gatherings and recalls his mum on piano and dad leading all the family and friends in a sing-along. This included Glen on the harmonica or guitar with Ian’s daughter Emma, saying her granddad played harmonica “like Jimmy Barnes”!

In retirement, Nancy and Glen enjoyed attending recitals in both the Primrose Potter Salon and  Elisabeth Murdoch Hall at the Recital Centre. A favourite was the Welsh choir to which Glen was particularly drawn given his Welsh ancestry.

Kristin and Jennifer joined their mum and dad at the Recital Centre for the Imperial Bells concert in 2017 and shared a pre-concert glass of champagne together. Glen sat in seat M1 on the aisle (due to his long legs) so this seat has special memories.

Seat M1 is dedicated “In Memory of Glen Price Jones and his Love of Music”
The Jones family are Melbourne Recital Centre Name a Seat patrons. Naming a seat at Melbourne Recital Centre is a unique way to honour a special person, commemorate a significant event, or simply celebrate a love of music.
To find out more about how you can Name a Seat in Elisabeth Murdoch Hall, please contact Leonie Thompson, Philanthropy & Bequests Coordinator, on (03) 9207 2648 or

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