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At the heart of the music with Cathy Lowy

At the heart of the music with Cathy Lowy

What’s in a name? In a special tribute to her late husband John, Cathy Lowy shares her story. 

Cathy Lowy

My late husband John was a very good engineer. He was interested in most other things, especially the arts. He listened to a lot of music, loved theatre and wrote plays.

When Melbourne Recital Centre first opened, John was curious about the architecture of the building. We went along to see for ourselves and took part in the opening celebrations. I especially remember the Goldner Quartet.

The Centre quickly became our favourite venue for musical experiences. We were often seated in J20-22, where we shared many cherished musical experiences. This is the reason for the choice of the seat.

Our first gift to the Centre was to support master classes. We appreciated the opportunity offered by the presence of artists of international stature to teach and connect with advanced local students. 

Naming a seat is our family’s way of commemorating John’s connection to the Centre. 

Melbourne Recital Centre has been one of my favourite venues for musical experiences since its inception. It has been a pleasure to see it grow in strength and variety over the years. 

John also admired the Centre. In his memory, we continue to support the Centre. 

Cathy Lowy is one of Melbourne Recital Centre’s inaugural Name a Seat patrons. Naming a seat at Melbourne Recital Centre is a unique way to honour a special person, commemorate a significant event, or simply celebrate a love of music. For more information please contact Leonie Thompson, Philanthropy & Bequests Coordinator on

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