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Learning & Access Update

Learning & Access Update

Sound Vibrations

Our long awaited Sound Vibrations program finally kicked off with a (literal) bang in March, pictured below. Two ANAM percussionists and two ANAM pianists joined us for this music workshop series for children who are Deaf or hard of hearing. 40 students from the Deaf Facilities of St Albans East and Mount View Primary Schools were welcomed to Primrose Potter Salon to experience and make music with Artistic Director Karen Kyriakou and our guest ANAM musicians.  

‘Thank you! It was great to see even our reluctant students loving giving it a go!’’ 
—Teacher Feedback

Supported by the William Buckland Foundation and Marian and E.H. Flack Trust

Sound Vibrations
Sound Vibrations

Share the Music

We welcomed many Share the Music guests to the Recital Centre, with audience members from organisations including:

  • Wintringham Housing
  • Father Bob Foundation
  • Vermont South Special School
  • Odyssey Rehabilitation House
  • Uniting Vic

Share the Music audiences especially enjoyed the opportunity to attend the first of our Relaxed Performances for the year. More below. 

Supported by Melbourne Recital Centre donors

Song Play with Vision Australia

Song Play goes interstate as part of our partnership with Vision Australia, bringing music to a group of vision impaired children in Victoria and Queensland. Over six sessions, Song Play provides valuable enrichment and an opportunity for caregivers to engage in further physio-informed learning with the children participating.

Supported by the William Buckland Foundation

Song Play

With Easter fast approaching we soon bid farewell to this term’s Song Play families, who have continued to enjoy Clare Zabrowarny’s engaging and nurturing style. Each session has its own theme, with highlights including Teddy Bear’s Picnic, with participants bringing along their favourite teddy bears. 

Relaxed Performances

Our first Relaxed Performance for the 2022 series was a packed house, with Penny Quartet and guest artist Timothy Young making the audience feel at ease straight away. There were questions, chatting and jokes between movements, and even a little dancing from our younger audience members. It was great to welcome parents and babies, Special Developmental School students, senior locals and public housing residents to the one space, sharing the unique experience of live music together. 

Supported by the William Buckland Foundation and the Calvert-Jones Foundation

Penny Quartet with Timothy Young, Relaxed Performance March
Penny Quartet with Timothy Young, Relaxed Performance March


Our Accelerando Musicians had their second workshop for the year called ‘In the Garage’ at the end of March. With guest facilitator Thomas ‘Soup’ Campbell, the students enjoyed a hands-on session, taking them through the ins and outs of home recording and producing.

Supported by the Peggy and Leslie Cranbourne Foundation