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Learning & Access Monthly Update

Learning & Access Monthly Update

With a lovely Easter break in the middle of April, this month saw a focus on tying up Term 1 activities and welcoming back Share the Music guests.

Song Play

Song Play

Musical adventures for local families

In the first week of April, we wrapped up Term 1 of Song Play - one of our Early Childhood musical programs. The workshops are so popular we now have a waiting list of over 30 families from Southbank and surrounding suburbs. Term 2 begins in May.

Share the Music

22 guests from 4 organisations joined us as part of Share the Music

The Share the Music program welcomed guests to a range of performances in Elisabeth Murdoch Hall and Primrose Potter Salon including Lamine Sonko, MSO's children's performance of Mother Goose and The Brandenburg Quartet.

‘To experience such world class music is a breath of fresh air to our clients who live such challenging lives’ - Paul Brophy, Father Bob Maguire Foundation, Share the Music partner 

Supported by Share the Music donors


Three Accelerando Musicians have lessons with industry leaders

Tess had a cello lesson with Michelle Wood from Melbourne Symphony Orchestra; Tom had a saxophone lesson with Steve Sedergreen; and Chen was lucky enough to have a piano lesson with Anna Goldsworthy whilst she was in Melbourne. 

Supported by The Peggy & Leslie Cranbourne Foundation

Access Resources

There have been many access resources, both physical and online, introduced in the last few months throughout the Centre. It has been great to receive some recent positive feedback, and know that these resources don't go unnoticed by our audiences. 

‘I was incredibly impressed by your inclusiveness of disabilities. I have never before seen a communications board offered at a cafe register!!’ - Anonymous survey feedback from a patron

Supported by The Marian & E.H. Flack Trust

Participants from ANAM

Trio Wanderer Master Class

One of five Master Classes presented throughout 2019

On Monday 8 April, audiences in the Primrose Potter Salon were treated to a lesson in ensemble dynamics as Trio Wanderer, took two up and coming groups through an intense Master Class experience. The Reichenbach Trio from Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and Trio Larum from ANAM were thrilled with the opportunity to work with these masters. 

Participants from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music

‘Trio Wanderer were exceptional...their attention to detail/how to extract the most from each performer is unparalleled.’ - Master Class participant

Supported by Lyndsey & Peter Hawkins and Ensemble Giovane

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