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“I cannot imagine what my life would have been like without music”

“I cannot imagine what my life would have been like without music”

Everyone can support the arts. 

It's not just major philanthropists who can make a difference with donations. You have the power to make a difference now, or in the future. It’s in your hands.
You may have heard of the term ‘bequest’. Today it is also known as 'planned giving' or more simply, leaving a gift in your will.

Did you know Melbourne Recital Centre is a registered not-for-profit charity? 

Leaving a gift in your will to the Centre sustains the future of our core artistic programming, maintaining the excellence and vibrancy of the music presented, and reaching more people in the community. In short, you will ensure an exciting future for music and musicians.

“I cannot imagine what my life would have been like without music. When I look back on all the wonderful music I’ve been privileged to hear at Melbourne Recital Centre, I realise how important it is for these concerts to continue for the pleasure and enrichment of future audiences. By leaving a bequest, I am very happy to play a small part in making this possible.” - Mary Vallentine AO (Encore Bequest Circle member and past Melbourne Recital Centre CEO from 2010-2016) pictured above

There are different ways you can leave a gift in your will, depending on your wishes and situation, which your solicitor is best placed to provide personalised advice. 
Let's break it down. Here is some general information on different types of bequests:
Residuary Will Bequest: After you have looked after your family and friends and any debts, you may choose to leave what remains to a charitable organisation like Melbourne Recital Centre.
Percentage Residuary Will Bequest: An alternative is to give whatever percentage of the residue of your estate you wish to either one or a range of charitable beneficiaries.

Specific Will Bequest: You may choose to nominate a dollar amount, expressed either as a nominal amount or as a percentage of your estate, up to 100%.

“It is so important to invest in the future of Melbourne Recital Centre, to ensure its programs are vibrant for generations to come.” – Jim Cousins AO & Libby Cousins (Inaugural Patrons of the Encore Bequest Circle)

What happens when someone leaves a gift in their will to Melbourne Recital Centre?

People who leave a gift in their will to Melbourne Recital Centre, like Mary Vallentine AO, Jim Cousins AO & Libby Cousins, become members of our Encore Bequest Circle and enjoy a fulfilling relationship with the Centre through a regular series of events and activities throughout each year. Our Encore Bequest Circle is kept up to date on the plans for our programs and is closely involved in the life of the Centre.
Bequest gifts ensure a vibrant future for the artists and music you love in the best place to hear.
Melbourne Recital Centre has a robust investment and distribution code of conduct to ensure the sustained benefit of bequests well into the future. Unless otherwise specified, bequest gifts are retained in the Melbourne Recital Centre Foundation Endowment, from which distributions to support the Centre’s artistic program are made annually.

By leaving a bequest, you are contributing to a secure and sustainable future for Melbourne Recital Centre, ensuring its vibrant future continues to include diverse music by wonderful local and international musicians for music-lovers of all kinds.

If you are considering Melbourne Recital Centre in your will, our Philanthropy & Bequests Coordinator Leonie Thompson can provide you with more information, and is available via email via or phone 03 9207 2648. All conversations are confidential.

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