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Celebrating 125 years of the Newsboys Foundation

Celebrating 125 years of the Newsboys Foundation

Supporting young Victorians.

Newsboys Foundation provides grants to community organisations working with young people aged 11–21 years in Victoria who are experiencing disadvantage. From its beginnings as a Club for newsboys in 1893 to its current role as a Foundation, Newsboys has remained true to its mission of supporting young people in Victoria who need assistance to realise their full potential.

Melbourne Recital Centre and Newsboys Foundation are long time partners in providing performance and learning opportunities for talented young musicians facing barriers.  

From our first project that brought Melbourne Youth Orchestra and Outer Urban Projects together on the Elisabeth Murdoch Hall stage in 2012, to the Newsboys Regional Music Award and Master class program that links talented young people from regional Victoria with the state’s top artists and music organisations, now in its fourth year, Newsboys and the Centre are committed to giving young people the chance to reach their full potential in music. 

Recently the Centre played host to Newsboys Foundation’s 125th anniversary celebration BPM125. We congratulate Newsboys on 125 years of work for young people that has made a real difference  and look forward to many more years of partnership to come.

More about Newsboys Foundation:

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On average, 39% of Newsboys Foundation’s support each year goes to helping students achieve academically, preparing them for a bright future. 

Vocational and life skills 
On average, 26% of Newsboys' funding goes to support young Victorians to build important and practical vocational and life skills, ensuring they’re ready for the future. 

Approximately 25% of funding each year goes to provide young people with opportunities to participate in arts and cultural activities.

Each year about 7% of Newsboys’ grants support sporting activities, helping young people build confidence and selfesteem through healthy activity.

Each year around 3% of Newsboys' grants recognise youth excellence and leadership.

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