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Betty Amsden AO's legacy for the young & young at heart

Betty Amsden AO's legacy for the young & young at heart

‘I believe it’s critical to teach children the value of music and telling stories in this way’ - Betty Amsden 

Betty Amsden AO

Betty Amsden AO was a passionate advocate for exposure to and participation in music and the performing arts from a young age. 

As a self-made businesswoman and engaged philanthropist in the truest sense of the words, she devoted herself to ensuring young Victorians have opportunities that she did not.

Betty was a seed funder of many new Melbourne Recital Centre initiatives during her lifetime.  Her bequest will fund The Betty Amsden Kids & Family Program that extends the Centre’s children’s programming to generate both new content and act as an advocate for the creation of new works for young people that have music at their core. 

Betty Amsden at Music Play Kids & Families Festival

It includes an entertaining program of events throughout the year for the young and young at heart, aiming to inspire and educate the next generation of music lovers. 

It is an honour to be entrusted with the resources Betty intended Melbourne Recital Centre to have to develop music programs that continue her commitment to participation in the arts and strengthen the Centre’s connection with our community and particularly with young people.

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