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A warm farewell to Martyn Jones

A warm farewell to Martyn Jones

In June, we said farewell to one of the Centre’s longest serving team members; Front of House and Bar Coordinator, Martyn Jones.

Martyn Jones

No doubt a familiar face (not to mention familiar voice, over the PA system) to many of you, Martyn was one of the Centre’s first employees, and has helped to shape our Front of House experience since well before we opened our doors for the first time in 2009. Over these years, Martyn and his team have given a warm welcome to well over a million visitors. 

Martyn has been incredibly generous with the time, flair, and energy he has devoted to the Centre and his team over the years. He has also been wonderfully generous in passing the torch to our new Visitor Experience Manager, Jessie Upton – imparting his wisdom to her for the next chapter in the Centre’s life throughout our closure and beyond.


Before his last day, Martyn kindly shared some thoughts with us about his time at Melbourne Recital Centre.

Thinking back to before the building opening, what was it like getting everything ready to open? 

That was one of the challenges that appealed to me about this role. I had done many roles in box office and FOH but never with a brand new venue. It was exciting but also very full on - as it was for all the new FOH staff.

What did you think when you first walked into Elisabeth Murdoch Hall?  

I remember walking around the building on my own wearing a hard hat and was stunned at the beauty of the EMH. I also remember clearly the first time I heard an instrument being played on stage at a rehearsal. The goose bumps I got from the sound of that solo cello will always stay with me!

What are you passionate about? 

Oh so many things! Coffee. The Arts. Personal development. Health and Wellness. Humour. Mogli and the three dogs in Bali. Books. Music. Alternative medicine. I love using my coaching training to support others in seeing new perspectives and being a voice for the underdog.

Have you ever been star struck by an artist at our venue? 

Yes, but she wasn't performing at MRC. I heard she was in the Salon as a guest at a function. I remember making my way through the crowd, determined to get a glimpse of the beautiful Cecilia Bartoli. Not only did I see her but got to say hello, which made my night! 

What do you hope to see in the future for MRC? Apart from the continuation of the amazing, diverse repertoire of events that MRC now has, I would also love to wander down on a summer's night and hear live music outside, in the precinct.

On behalf of the Melbourne Recital Centre team, we say thank you for your dedication and service Martyn, and all the best for what comes next.