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A place of unparalleled musical vibrancy

A place of unparalleled musical vibrancy

Almost every day, people of all ages and from all walks of life gather at Melbourne Recital Centre to be moved by music.

Donors play a vital role in ensuring the breadth and scale of the Centre’s musical offering and equip it to extend these experiences through artist interviews, program notes, talks, lectures and demonstrations. Together we are building a community that inspires creativity through profound experiences with music.


To me the Centre is extraordinary. The choice of performers and variety of music options married with good acoustics are really something special and I appreciate the special relationships I have with people at the Centre. They enhance the experience for me.


It’s the diversity that I love about Melbourne Recital Centre. There is so much interesting music from many cultures. It has a unique position in Melbourne’s music scene.

The Centre immediately has a distinctively Melbourne feel about it. It is part of the DNA of the city and inspired me to make my first philanthropic gift.

Join Us and sustain the Centre as a special place where diverse music is shared nearly every day of the year.

The giving options below direct your donation to keeping the Centre alive with music of all kinds, whatever the amount. Everyone has a place in Melbourne Recital Centre’s donor community. Let us help you find yours.

Music Circle

Support for the breadth and diversity of the Centre's artistic program.

Elisabeth Murdoch Creative Development Fund

New projects that support artist development and accessibility

Giving Syndicates - Legal friends

Members of the legal fraternity in support of major classical music.

Annual Fund

Support for the Centre’s artistic program