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Access to thrilling music for everyone

Access to thrilling music for everyone

The emotional power and enrichment benefits of music are gifts to be shared.

With the help of donors, the Centre reaches out to close to 2000 people each year through its Share the Music ticket and transport subsidy scheme and Music Always aged care program. Delivered in partnership with over 25 community organisations, including schools, aged care, disability and social welfare providers, many thousands more are enriched by our programs for children and families.


More people should be supporting this great place with its wonderful sound, intimacy and diversity of activity. 


My fellow trustees and I reflected on the impact that a visit to the Centre would have on people, particularly young people, who would not otherwise have this opportunity. How inspiring would it be for them to hear leading musicians play in this beautiful  building, to talk to them about the music, to see what is possible with practice, hard work and dedication?

Join Us and make the Centre’s vibrant music program accessible to everyone.

The giving options here direct your gift to our programs that provide access for people who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to attend. All gifts large or small make a difference.

Elisabeth Murdoch Creative Development Fund

New projects that support artist development and accessibility

Share the Music

Ticket & transport subsidy to support access for people from disadvantaged backgrounds